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You should prepare for a hotel photo shoot in the same way that you would prepare for a royal visit. Sounds over the top? Well frankly, if you don’t put the preparation in you really can’t expect to get great shots however good the photographer. Don’t think everything can be fixed in Photoshop. Here are some tips to help you plan the shoot.

First and foremost, be sure to let the photographer know exactly what you are after. Scour the internet for rival hotels’ photographs and print them off or email them to the photographer you intend to use. Make a list of the things you like and those you don’t.

Recruit one of your staff to take ownership of the shoot.They should do all the pre-planning, meet with the photographer, sort out room availability, organise flowers and make all necessary preparations.

Housekeeping, this is your big moment. Step into the spotlight. Bedding and linen should be impeccable. Use this opportunity to let your bosses know that the pillows don’t really fit the pillowslips and get facilities to straighten that curtain which has never been the same since that kid did a Tarzan swing from one side of the room to the other.

Head chef, step forward. This is your big day but no need for nerves. We are all working together to get some great food photography. Simplicity is the key. Above all a good food photographer likes to see an easily identifiable dish simply presented. Resist the temptation to cook something you don’t usually cook, and think visually rather than in terms of taste.

In general, unless the photo shoot has a strong creative theme, hotel photography should not feature hotel guests (whether models or ‘real people’) – such shots date very quickly and can border on the cheesy. There are exceptions of course: spas are usually enhanced by beautiful people gracing the shots. It can also add a touch of life to show a couple checking in at reception or arriving in a smart car, but think carefully before flooding your website with shots of customers ‘having a good time’.

By all means show the staff: they are fundamental to what you have to offer, but make sure you get model release forms for absolutely everyone who will appear in the photographs.

Be very thoughtful when showing any electrical goods. I have one client whose guidelines prohibit showing all electrical items, including televisions. I can’t really say that I disagree with this policy except when a television (or whatever) is a key focal point of a room. Everyone knows there will be a television in their room and it is truly amazing how soon old technology looks sad and dated. And who on earth would want to see a kettle and coffee sachets in a hotel room photograph? If you want to make it clear that the rooms have these facilities, put it in the rooms specs. The only issue that adhering to this policy raises is that you have to find something to replace the gap where these electrical goods have been. Flowers, books, fruit platters and magazines can be used to answer this need, but be careful not to overdo it. Chefs have a habit of preparing fruit platters fit for a banquet which look ridiculous in guest rooms and florists go over the top with enormous bouquets so be sure to brief them: less is more in this instance.

Finally don’t forget to promote your hotel’s meetings and events.

Meetings and events are a fantastic revenue stream for most hotels, filling rooms, bars and restaurants and providing a great source of cash in their own right. Getting great photographs of your M+E venues and services is essential both as a sales tool and also to give potential clients and understanding of how each room can be utilised. We have a section devoted to meetings and events photography which you can find here.

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