Photographs of receptions,rooms and restaurants do a great job in selling your hotel or resort. But sometimes advertising and marketing requires a little bit more. That is where Lifestyle Photography comes in.

Beach resort lifestyle photography by Stephen Hyde

lifestyle photography does that bit more to sell the dream

We are all different. Some people just want to lie and mop up the warming rays of the sun. Some want to fill their days sight-seeing, cycling, sailing, golfing, you name it. Most of us want to do a bit of each.

Here we gather together some lifestyle photography which clients have commissioned to promote activities both on and off their resorts.

If your budget allows, we will help with sourcing and choosing models and stylists so that the look matches the profile of your resort. If you the budget doesn’t quite run to that, we will not get on our high horse, but will make sure that we get the best possible shots with the budget available.

It must be said though that to get truly great lifestyle photography using models and stylists definitely is the way to go. We are all so visually literate these days that anything which is below par can stand out like a sore thumb and do your brand more harm than good. So always use the best models and stylists you can afford. It always pays dividends in the end.

Same as photographers really. But then we would say that wouldn’t we?

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