Interiors, exteriors, architecture, activities, lifestyle, food. That’s a lot of different photographic disciplines. So when you are looking for resort photographers be sure they have skill-sets in each of these areas.

Resort Photography: Pool

If the photos look like we’ve been on a dream holiday …job done.

Resort Photography Housekeeping


It always brings on a smile. We return from a shoot on a luxury resort in some in some exotic location and the first thing people ask is ‘How was your holiday?’

If only they knew.

Resort photography is anything but a holiday.

If those guys could see the shifting of interminable rows of sunbeds. The tracking back to get that lighting system we thought we wouldn’t use only to discover we need some fill-in flash. The getting up an hour before dawn so we can catch the sunrise. The staying out till way after sunset to get the evening shots. All of this while battling stifling heat and 100% humidity (which is indeed possible, since you ask).

If they could see all this and the perspiration droplets springing freely from our foreheads they would soon realise that photographing luxury resorts is anything but a breeze.

But as with so much in life, the art of resort photography is to conceal the perspiration, planning and sheer hard work which goes into the photo shoot. The photographs have to look fresh and effortless and have a light touch which completely belies the hard work which went into creating them

So when our mates back home look at the photos and think we’ve been on a dream holiday, that’s just fine by us. Job done.