Stephen Hyde has photography in his blood.

His great grandfather was the eminent Victorian photographer PH Emerson.


Stephen Hyde Photographer

Many of Stephen’s photographs are now in the permanent collection at The National Portrait Gallery in London

While studying for his history degree at London University Stephen picked up a camera and started photographing all around him. Before long he was spending long nights developing black-and-white prints and hanging them up to dry in the red glow of the now forgotten darkroom lights.

Perhaps his interest in photography should be no surprise as his great grandfather was the eminent Victorian photographer P H Emerson. He is now an acknowledged expert on PHE, having written the foreword to a book on him, provided a voice-over to an exhibition at The Getty in Los Angeles and appeared on several television programmes about his illustrious forebear.

Immediately after graduating Stephen set about building a career of his own in photography, working as an assistant while at the same time photographing writers for book jackets and it wasn’t long before his work was featuring in the pages of The Sunday Times magazine and other national publications. Many of his portraits from this era are now in the permanent  collection at The National Portrait Gallery in London and he also featured in Twenty for Today, a major exhibition at the NPG.

More recently, Stephen has specialised in photographing hotels and resorts bringing a level of professionalism and vision which comes from a lifetime of dedication to high quality image making.

Stephen has appeared on  BBC News 24 as an industry specialist, is married with two gorgeous daughters and outside photography loves cricket (MCC and Vagabonds CC), squash and skiing.

Stephen Hyde is a member of The Association of Photographers in London.