You’ve got the great resort and you offer some amazing activities.

But let’s be honest, how often does the photography do these activities justice?


We are all different. Some people just want to lie and mop up the warming rays of the sun. Some want to fill their days sight-seeing, cycling, sailing, golfing, you name it. Most of us want to do a bit of each.

Here we gather together some lifestyle photography which clients have commissioned to promote activities both on and off their resorts.

But let us relate a little story. It was about a third of the way into a ten week shoot for a large resort and holiday company. The client seemed delighted with the shots so far when some joker in the office pipes up: ‘OK lets see how he gets on photographing the mini-golf!

Disagreements arose and wagers were cast as to whether Stephen Hyde would be able to make anything half decent of the mini-golf. So the challenge was set and all waited to see if the mini-golf could be made to look good.

Rather than take the opinions of the guys in the office, you can judge for yourself. There are actually two different mini-golf shots (one to the right and one in the slideshow at the top of the page) as well as a stunning eighteen hole course in Kusadasi,Turkey. You should have no trouble in telling them apart!

Suffice to say that with the right lenses,lighting,models and camera viewpoint even the humblest of resort activities can be made to look great in photographs.

Whatever the resort activity is -from a girl buying her groceries in the resort shop to evening entertainments-  we feel sure that our photography can raise the mundane to new levels and do justice to the extraordinary.

Resort and Lifestyle Photography in Malaga
Resort and Lifestyle Photography in Malaga

A bet was taken to see if Stephen could take a classy mini-golf shot

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