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Luxury Spa Photographers

Above all spa photographers need to know about lighting

Luxury Spa Photographers
Luxury Spa Photographers


You might imagine that spa photography is the easiest of photographic disciplines to get right. Well if you did you would be wrong.

Beautiful models. Calm beautiful surroundings. What can possibly go wrong?

Well take from a spa photographer who has done his time perfecting the art, spas are very often the trickiest places to get great photographs. Small cramped treatment rooms. Unsightly waxing machines to be jettisoned. In fact a whole junk yard of visual detritus which is usually hidden by the low-level light. Wrinkled and shabby massage bed covers. Enough already! Let’s not go there.

Instead, let us fast-forward to how spa and fitness photography should be.

Warm light for massage and treatment photography. Cool clean light for gyms and fitness suites.
And if the ambience isn’t right straight out of the box, let’s fix it. That’s what photographers are for. If your photographer just turns up with a camera and on-camera flash, you haven’t got a professional photographer, you’ve got a guy with a camera.

Lighting is the key to spa photography. If you don’t get this right, nothing will look right however gorgeous the guys and gals, however tasteful the Buddhas & shells.

So do yourself a favour and get a photographer who knows about lighting as well as composition and you will be well on the way to taking the viewer to that little corner of heaven after which we all hanker.

Luxury Spa Photographers

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