A top resort photographer needs to be comfortable in many photographic disciplines. Interiors, exteriors, architecture, activities, lifestyle, food. So be sure to employ someone who can cover all these bases and can scale up or down to suit the size of your operation and your budget.
Luxury Resort Photographers shoot couple with swimming pool in Andalucia

Resort photographers need the full gamut of photographic skills

Resort photographer housekeeping shot


Resort photography is not just about beautiful models basking in golden sunlight next to the pool.

Okay, okay. Sorry. Yes it pretty much is that.

But there are other things to consider too. There’s spas, bars, restaurants, beaches, sightseeing, accommodation  . . . you get the picture.

Get yourself a photographer of all the skills  . . .

So essentially the photographer you employ will need the photographic skills to cover each of these areas and more.

It is no good contracting an architectural photographer with terrible people-skills (there are quite a few who match this description).

Equally, it is going to be tough working with a prima donna lifestyle-photographer who hasn’t the patience, or considers it beneath them to photograph guest-room interiors or do housekeeping detail-shots.

A photographer with all the specialist equipment  . . .

And it’s not just the skills required by resort photographers. It’s the equipment too.

Yes indeed.

Interior photographers for example use specialist lenses called perspective control lenses to stop that horrendous splaying of verticals when wide angle lenses are used to shoot from above or below.

Sure, these lenses can be hired and a degree of correction can be achieved in post-production.

But wouldn’t you rather use a photographer who owns the equipment (and not just one lens, but an array of them) and who uses it day-in-day-out?

As specialist resort photographers we come with cases of expensive shiny black camera equipment with a wide range of lenses, lighting, wireless triggers, walkie-talkies, scrims and reflectors to do the job the way it should be done, which is to say to the highest current standards using the latest technology.

We have been known to hire in equipment -on a recent shoot in Los Angeles, for example to minimise excess baggage and customs problems-  but in general we have all the equipment in our inventory to answer all but the more outlandish demands of a resort photo shoot.

And a photographer who can be flexible on pricing

Owning our own gear comes with other benefits too. It means that we can keep our prices low on small jobs.

When shooting villas for example, or on other smaller assignments, there is no need for a ‘team’.

Stephen Hyde will usually travel alone and because none of the equipment has to be hired in, he can offer a very competitive rate but still deliver an outstanding service.

And, let’s be honest, the more alluring the assignment, the more likely he is to do a deal on price!

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